Jack Hoge is a designer and developer in NYC
who likes to take pictures of the sky
and didn't need this third line, but...

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UX, Visual Design, Development

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UX, Visual Design, Development

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Visual Design, Prototyping


UX, Visual Design, Development

Jack added tremendous value working with the companies in our summer program as a HackStar.
Adam Rothenberg
Partner at Box Group
Jack helped us think outside the box and pushed us to explore a new type of design framework that we almost definitely would not have used otherwise.
Andrew Cohen
CEO of Brainscape
His ability to pick up new frameworks quickly has allowed us to try new things that we otherwise wouldn't have touched.
Brent Lagerman
Co-Founder of Condensed
We worked together remotely, in such a seamless fashion, to deliver a small agency site at a reasonable cost and in record time.
Marcel Botha
CEO of Spuni
His expertise of HTML,CSS and jQuery saw us both through to the finish line, great person to work with!
Myles de Bastion
Founder of CymaSpace
Jack delivers work with a good design aesthetic and isn't afraid to innovate.
Mike Cavaliere
Director of Technology at ATTCK
Jack is a great team member. He is positive, collaborative, and very sharp. He possesses the rare ability to explain a complicated task in the simplest terms.
Christopher Calmeyn
Co-Founder at Caliber
Jack is a nice guy, a good communicator and an expert at Ruby on Rails. He has helped me bring a lot of big projects to completion.
Eric Goodenough
Lead Developer at Golf Center
Jack is an expert developer. We had a tight timeframe and Jack delivered on time with superb results.
Fred Silverman
Founder of Newslook