I'm a designer and developer in NYC.
I like to take pictures of the sky.
I love Bitmoji and Uniqlo.

I developed new quiz and scoring features for this legal education startup's mobile app, built in Ionic Framework.
I redesigned several marketing pages, created a new style template, and wrote front-end code for this 3D home tour hardware/software company.
Andy Sands
I designed and developed this WordPress site for a music producer in NYC.
I sketched wireframes, designed mockups, built interactive prototypes, and conducted user research with the Care & Onboarding teams.
I designed and developed this silly site to let people send puppy-printed postcards anywhere in the world.
Morning Mill
I designed and developed this Mac menubar app to help anyone hit a writing goal of 1000 words per day. I launched it with a Medium post and got featured on Product Hunt.
I work with the sales team to close new deals, and advise existing customers on UI/UX, search performance, and integrating Algolia into their existing stacks.
Take Sunset
I improved performance and SEO, and wrote front-end code for this LA-based real estate company.
I prototyped new design concepts for this independent learning platform.
I screened potential customers, handled my own sales pipeline, advised new customers on design and product strategy, and closed over $600,000 of new deals.
I designed and developed this mobile app to let people track their loyalty reward programs.
I designed and developed this mobile app that let corporate employees share anonymous feedback about their company.
Boot Camp Hub
I led an in-product interaction and visual redesign of core fitness areas; developed a chat interface with React, and built new fitness features in Rails.
I designed and developed this mobile app to let users practice languages by chatting with native speakers. I tested the early version with language meetup attendees, launched a beta to a small number of users, and was featured on Product Hunt, Skift, and BRIT+CO.
I designed and developed our consumer-facing website, payment integrations with both Stripe and Dwolla, scheduling algorithms, quality control logic, and a mobile webapp for cleaner check-ins.
I designed and developed a video interface that let people browse videos by political leaning or sentiment.
CA Technologies
I helped build a DevOps-readiness quiz for kiosks at CA's annual convention.
Social Pandas
I wrote front-end code to support this B2B social network.
Ann Taylor
I wrote front-end code for the design of a new blogging effort.
I designed mobile interfaces for this hotel food ordering product during Techstars NYC.
The Melt
I wrote front-end code to support kiosk ordering for this SF-based sandwich chain.
I designed new onboarding flows and an animated pitch deck for this content marketplace.
I helped write front-end code for this edtech startup's classroom interface during Techstars NYC.
I designed and developed this NYC-based agency's marketing site in WordPress.
Club Divot
I wrote web scrapers to fetch national golf course data, and built features to allow users to schedule teetimes, browse courses, and connect with their friends.
I wrote front-end code for Pantheon's marketing site to get it ready for DrupalCon.
Smile by Webshots
I developed all the front-end interfaces for this new product that let legacy Webshots users store their photos and share with friends.

People I've Worked With

Jack added tremendous value working with the companies in our summer program as a HackStar.
Adam Rothenberg
Partner at Box Group
Jack helped us think outside the box and pushed us to explore a new type of design framework that we almost definitely would not have used otherwise.
Andrew Cohen
CEO of Brainscape
His ability to pick up new frameworks quickly has allowed us to try new things that we otherwise wouldn't have touched.
Brent Lagerman
Co-Founder of Condensed
We worked together remotely, in such a seamless fashion, to deliver a small agency site at a reasonable cost and in record time.
Marcel Botha
CEO of Spuni
His expertise of HTML,CSS and jQuery saw us both through to the finish line, great person to work with!
Myles de Bastion
Founder of CymaSpace
Jack delivers work with a good design aesthetic and isn't afraid to innovate.
Mike Cavaliere
Director of Technology at ATTCK