Boot Camp Hub

I worked with one other developer to reimagine this fitness community's logged-in experience, build new features, and increase engagement.

UX, Visual design, Development
Sketch, InVision, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Firebase, React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Stripe, Mailchimp

Unify Visual Styles

Designers and engineers from multiple teams had worked on the project at different stages, and as a result, site-wide styling had become inconsistent. My first goal was to design a simple, cohesive color scheme and style guide for navigation items, action buttons, newsfeed updates, and entry fields. After approval, I wrote the Haml and Sass for the re-themed components.

Member Chat

The coaches running the site wanted users to feel more connected, to others in the community as well as to the coaches themselves. To this end, we worked together to design and implement an on-site chat interface with React and Firebase.

Increasing engagement

One important but underutilized feature was health tracking. Users could track their weight and various body measurements, but the interface to do so was confusing and cluttered. The result was extremely low engagement.

I proposed refocusing the dashboard on presenting the information most useful to the users. They would be able to specify which exercises and which health measures were most important to them. I also designed new flows using email notifications and modals to only request updates from users when updates were due. Usage went way up as a result.

We were also able to increase usage by asking users for a general sense of the past week's activity instead of very specific day-by-day questions.

The existing site had no way to remind users when they needed to record health updates. To help users stay on top of it, I designed email notifications asking users simple questions that could be answered in one click, quickly and securely, without needing to log in to the site.