QuickBooks Help

I worked with interaction designers and product managers to brainstorm and test new interaction patterns for QuickBooks in-product help.

UX, Prototyping
Sketch, Framer, InVision

I started by talking to other designers on the team, exploring the main areas of QuickBooks, and looking at the online community to better understand the different kinds of problems users face when using the product.

I also decided to move beyond static prototypes and learn Framer. This helped me to more easily communicate high-level interactions, and show them to the interaction designers working on in-product help. Since they know the ins and outs of the product already, they offered helpful feedback and direction about which patterns might work well for different types of content, considering technical and content constraints.

We then went on to test the most promising patterns with over a dozen QuickBooks customers, ranging from complete newcomers to QuickBooks veterans with over twenty years experience.